Workspaces: a Brilliant Search and Discovery Tool

Introducing Workspaces, the newest addition to aiSMARTBENCH. With Workspaces, Mentis has engineered the most robust search engine available and makes it easy to find answers to nearly anything about your cases or trends in cases. It’s the data about the data and the management of everything.

Using any search term, you can pull cases into your workspace then search them for an analysis of anything you want to know, such as how fast cases are moving through the courts or your open and close rates.
How many cases are over a year old? How many DUIs does a defendant have? How consistent were the final judgments in cases that had the same set of charges?

You can also pull a subset of cases that can be batch signed. Review and compare similar cases to find what the ruling was. Even with a vague recollection of a case you can find it in a second with just a search term. Look up cases by attorney and get metrics on behavior. It allows you to crisscross different sources of data to learn details. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Go ahead, ask it anything

Be one of the first to see this exciting new feature at eCourts 2016 or contact us to schedule a demo after December 14.