• Bringing Courts into the Digital Age

    aiSMARTBENCH® by Mentis Technology brings an easy-to-use electronic docket to your courtroom.

Solutions for the Court

Unprecedented times have forced courts to re-examine virtual courtrooms. Courts are realizing that a connected court is more than just an online court session — it’s about connecting the court to all stakeholders. 

Most digital court solutions are awkward and clunky to use, often requiring manipulation of a case file in pdf format with several steps to eSigning and eFiling. aiSMARTBENCH by Mentis Technology is a simpler solution for managing the court.

Now Mentis Technology has created aiCALENDAR to share the calendar to all stakeholders and make life easier.

In addition, Mentis offers two products focused on automating many of the tasks involved with indexing case documents and redacting them so they are available for public access. These products work hand-in-hand with your existing CMS/DMS solutions:

  • aiINDEX® Auto-indexing to transform scanned documents into usable content. Reduces data entry costs and increases productivity.
  • aiREDACT™ Auto-redaction, a rules-based, expert system that masks personal information such as social security number, date of birth and email address from your case documents.

Making Life Easier…

Judges do so much more than hear cases. They actively research prior records and case precedent in similar cases to make the best-informed decision possible. aiSMARTBENCH and aiCALENDAR help judges:


  • Open my docket for tomorrow
  • Select a case for review from that docket
  • Bring the proposed motion into the Document Viewer
  • Grab a section of the motion for future reference
  • Perform online research, add it to my research notes
  • Add secure annotations to the document

aiSMARTBENCH delivers a complete picture of each case. It consolidates information from any database, whether from another jurisdiction or court type.

Search and Discovery: our built-in WorkSpaces feature is the most sophisticated search engine on the market.


  • Dynamically manage my calendar
  • Quickly access the case, see key points
  • Full-text search across all documents in the case
  • Make notes on the case
  • Review related cases
  • Go to the next case

aiSMARTBENCH is easy to use, so it doesn’t get in the way while you’re in the courtroom.


  • Generate an order, update it and edit it with a simple pen stroke
  • Click to eSign the order and route it accordingly
  • Batch eSign orders in a Pending folder

Manage the Caseload:

  • Easily take a case under advisement, assign it a date and an action 
  • Search by case, filter by case type or judge
  • Daily reminder work queue with documents and action dates

Manage the Calendar:

  • aiCALENDAR provides details of all calendar events
  • It allows judges to standardize information attorneys provide when scheduling
  • It gives seamless access to cases straight from the calendar
  • Launch the web conferencing app directly from the calendar
  • Customize views and preferences