A Powerful Suite of Products


eBench Solution for Courts

aiSMARTBENCH empowers judges and staff to efficiently leverage the electronic case file, securely access calendars and case documents, make notes, annotate documents, create and sign orders, efile and collaborate with staff.


Scheduling for the Connected Court

aiCALENDAR aggregates multiple calendar sources into a shared collaboration platform supporting both in-person and virtual court hearings.


Auto-Index Scanned Documents

aiINDEX is an auto-indexing solution that efficiently discovers, manages and delivers critical data trapped in paper documents and digital images such as as faxes, emails, PDF documents and scanned e-filed images.


Expert Auto-Redaction

aiREDACT is an advanced auto-redaction solution that combines the power of OCR and smart technology to achieve surgical redaction of privacy information in scanned documents for public view while maintaining the original.

Our Technology

The Mentis product suite, which includes aiSMARTBENCH, aiINDEX (an auto-indexing solution) and aiREDACT (an automated approach to redacting privacy information), is powered by a complementary set of powerful technology components. These components include:

  • Extraction of Content from Scanned Images

    • Full-text searching across image content
    • Efficient OCR and image processing
    • Support of PDFs, JPGs and TIFFs in one image viewer
    • Automated indexing and extracting of business-critical data
    • A learning engine that iteratively increases extraction accuracy
    • Metadata representation of indexing standards in a knowledgeBase
  • Superior Security and Web Access

    • Bank-level security and encryption
    • User rights management
    • High-speed access
    • Redaction of sensitive data
    • Secure, work-from-anywhere, web-enabled access
    • Access auditing and reporting for compliance
  • Efficient Process and Workflow Support

    • Annotation support for note taking and research
    • Electronic signing and e-filing
    • Template management for dynamic document generation and form submission
    • Supports standardized web integration and data validation into non-Mentis databases
    • Scalable architecture to enable large processing volumes
    • Full support for touch-enabled tablets, slates and monitors.
  • Personalize Your Work Environment

    • Configurable workflow to support different roles and processes
    • Configurable “glances” for views into critical, contextual content from images and databases
    • Ad hoc, customizable query engine
    • No IT support needed for configuration
    • User-defined suggestion lists

aiSMARTBENCH, aiINDEX, and aiREDACT are covered by U.S. Patents Nos. 8,229,912 B2 and 9,286,392 B2.