As counties across the U.S. transition to paperless courtrooms, jurisdictions are struggling to provide their judges with a tool that can handle the high volume / high-speed demands of a court docket. aiSMARTBENCH is built on a proven platform managing high volumes of scanned documents for more than 15 years. This platform is critical to executing split-second, full-text searches of even scanned documents, which makes aiSmartBench the tool judges are embracing.

Connects to Your Existing CMS

aiSMARTBENCH is the only solution that connects to ANY case or document management system.

Closing the Loop

aiSMARTBENCH provides a fast path to eEverything: an efficient means for routing eSigned documents and filing information without manual intervention. eSigned orders are routed via the eFiling Portal and then docketed into the Case Management System. This paperless pathway from the court system to the case system reduces docketing time and eliminates the staff cost of handling, storing, and securing of paper orders.

Configurable to Work the Way You Do

Judges can access aiSMARTBENCH at home, in chambers, on vacation — wherever they have high-speed internet and a Windows®-enabled device. The personalized dashboard includes an instant view of the day’s docket, allowing the judge to view cases that are scheduled for hearing on any docket, past or present, up to 10 days ahead. It allows the judge to reorder cases based on criteria such as those cases requiring a language interpreter or cases where the attorney needs extra time.

Customizable Dashboard

A customizable dashboard provides access to federal, state and county websites or any other commercial website where a user wants to get to quickly such as the Supreme Court’s civil jury instruction. The dashboard can be configured to display caseload metrics or connect directly into other applications that support research and caseload management.

Feature-Rich Case Access Page

With one click, the judge can call up a particular case to view a case summary with critical information about the case and a docket view where the judge has configured the tabs to display specific document types such as all orders or all motions or service of process. Search both the case data and documents for a particular word or phrase.

Touch Screen-Enabled

Judges don’t want to be looking at a monitor when they need to be paying attention to what a speaker at a desk or podium is saying, nor do they want their view blocked by a large monitor.

aiSMARTBENCH is optimized for quick access with any touch screen device, allowing judges maintain as much eye contact with the defendant as when using paper files. Although aiSMARTBENCH works very fast with a mouse, the ability to use familiar touch gestures makes the retrieval of information even faster.

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The savings of a paper-free solution such as aiSMARTBENCH is significant. An internal audit in Manatee County found that by being fully electronic, the clerk would realize cost savings approaching $1 million per year.

Unlike other court solutions, aiSMARTBENCH was built from the perspective of the judge. Only after intensive listening to the needs of the judge as well as other key courtroom stakeholders did Mentis begin developing aiSMARTBENCH.

Uniquely designed with the judge in mind, aiSMARTBENCH delivers:

  • Real-time access to all docket images, all court rulings and events, key case data, and provides at-a-glance views into such supporting systems as the jail system, financial case data and the driver’s license database
  • A mechanism for the court clerk and judicial assistant to work in tandem with the judge – automating the capture of in-courtroom data, the generation of court orders and the automatic filing and routing of electronically signed orders
  • High-speed, full text searches within a document and across all documents for a particular case giving the document reviewer the capability to add notes and pushpins (bookmarks) to the text as needed.
  • A one-click, related-cases research tool
  • The ability to capture critical information from the image and then store that snippet with the case for quick access.

aiSMARTBENCH is covered by U.S. Patents Nos. 8,229,912 B2 and 9,286,392 B2.