How are you protecting privacy data in your public records?

New legislation and mandates require privacy information to be protected in all public records. With internet access to public documents, redaction is a necessity.

Other redaction solutions claim state-of-the-art technology but simply tag what the client predicts might be future redaction elements. What if you guess wrong? aiREDACT uses Iterative Redaction Processing (IRP).  aiREDACT’s IRP works with already-encrypted abstraction files created during the initial OCR processing. Future redaction is executed against these pre-existing files, eliminating the need to rerun intensive OCR processes, to quickly locate new data elements and redact them.

aiREDACT’s specialty is the redaction of large image repositories while ensuring that sensitive information is redacted on an ongoing basis. It provides bank-level security optimized for the high-speed display of images over a wide-area network (WAN) connection.  It takes uses a rules-based, self-learning technology that analyzes the large result sets and, over time, adjusts the criteria to achieve even greater accuracy in pinpointing redaction targets from electronic documents including TIFFs, PDFs, Word Documents and email.

Product Benefits

  • Technology Advantage

    Categorize and classify document types using a combination of technologies resulting in more “surgical” redaction of privacy data.

  • Iterative Redaction Processing

    aiREDACT uses Iterative Redaction Processing feature (IRP) to support new redactions without OCR processing or the guesswork of data tagging.

  • Sophisticated Learning

    Bank-level accuracy through a sophisticated learning engine

  • Real-Time

    Creates redaction on demand for Freedom of Information Act requests

  • Necessary Duplication

    Generates a redacted version of a document for public viewing while retaining the original version for authorized personnel

  • Reporting Metrics

    Provides extensive reporting metrics for redactions, including the number of redactions on each page and/or by user

  • Manage Resources

    Track user productivity to efficiently manage staff resources

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aiREDACT is covered by U.S. Patents Nos. 8,229,912 B2 and 9,286,392 B2.