November 20th, 2017 – Mentis Technology Solutions, LLC, developer of the judicial dashboard and eBench application aiSMARTBENCH® has donated a handcrafted combination judge’s bench, clerk station and witness stand to the National Judicial College. The unit has been installed in a classroom at the college’s Reno, Nevada, headquarters, where it will be used for courtroom simulations.

“We are delighted with this gift from Mentis,” said NJC President Benes Aldana. “Our judicial curriculum includes several sessions involving mock trials and other simulations, so we will put it to good use.”

The bench combination was commissioned in 2011 for use in Mentis’ Tallahassee, Florida, office. It was used to showcase the judge-friendly software in a courtroom setting for visiting Florida judges. With aiSmartBench being adopted in more than 180 jurisdictions nationwide, it seemed appropriate for the courtroom setting to find a home beyond just Florida.

Leo LaCascia, president and founder of Mentis said, “With the National Judicial College focused on equipping judges across the nation with the knowledge and skills they need to be well informed and more effective, it seemed a perfect home for this much-loved, beautifully-crafted bench.”

About the National Judicial College
The National Judicial College has been the nation’s leading provider of judicial education since 1963, drawing participants from every state and from more than 150 countries. The NJC offers more than 100 judicial education programs annually onsite, online and across the nation in support of its mission: to make the world a more just place by educating and inspiring its judiciary. For more information, visit

About Mentis Technology Solutions
Since 2001, Mentis Technology Solutions, LLC has set the bar for what is possible in document indexing and redaction. They have now set the bar for what is possible in the courtroom, delivering a paperless software solution for judges to use in fast-paced, high-volume courts. Launched in 2011, aiSMARTBENCH serves more than 1,000 judges in 180 jurisdictions nationwide. For more information, visit


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