Panel “Judge”ments: The Post-Pandemic Court

This webinar was held Friday, July 17. Listen to the recording HERE

A Panel Discussion by Judges, for Judges

Just three months ago, the forced adoption of the virtual court was uncomfortable and uncertain.

But, according to this June 2020 poll, you wouldn’t know that. Conducted by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC), the public survey says two out of three people are receptive to appearing in court remotely, and 44 percent of respondents would be more comfortable serving on juries remotely.

This data comes just as the opportunity to resume in-person court processes arises. Now, many Judges, Clerks and Court Admins are asking: Is reverting to completely in-person courtroom procedures truly a best practice?


Taking the mic for that question, among many others, are a few judges from across the nation. Join us for their panel discussion on:

  • Today’s court versus the pre-pandemic court
  • Virtual courtroom tools: what Judges are using, and what they wish they had
  • Virtual courts: a staple process or a back-up plan?
  • The ruling on aiSMARTBENCH, the electronic daily docket designed by Judges, for Judges
  • The Judiciaries’ vision for the future of courts
  • Your Q&A!



Meet the Judges

Hon. Mark Singer, Judge, 12th Judicial Circuit Court, Manatee County, FL

The majority of Judge Mark Singer’s judicial career has been supported by electronic court tools, specifically aiSMARTBENCH. An early adopter of court technology with past and present service in both Circuit and County courts, the Hon. Mark Singer speaks to an expansive history on the evolution of the courts’ challenges and needs, the curveball thrown at courts amidst COVID-19, and offers his thoughts on where the courtroom is headed.

  • Years of Judicial Service: 14
  • Years Using aiSMARTBENCH: 12


Hon. Amy Meachum, Judge, 201st District Court of Travis County, TX

Since January 2011, Judge Amy Meachum has been presiding over Travis County’s 201st District Court. Also serving as Civil Presiding Judge for all the civil and family courts in Travis County and the judicial liaison for the Administrative and Public Law Council for the State Bar of Texas, Judge Meachum has been leveraging an electronic bench for the past seven years to manage her usual array of judicial and administrative responsibilities. Relying on it as more of a necessity during the pandemic, Judge Meachum shares how this multi-faceted tool supports ever-changing circumstances.

  • Years of Judicial Service: 9
  • Years Using aiSMARTBENCH: 7


Hon. Michael L. Jaconette, Chief Judge, Calhoun County Courts, Calhoun County, MI

From 2010 to 2011, Judge Jaconette succeeded from serving as Calhoun County’s elected Probate Judge to the currently presiding Chief Probate Judge. With a decade of judicial experiences and expanded responsibilities under his belt, Judge Jaconette was fairly new to the realm of court technology before having to jump in feet first amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Listen in as he journeys us through his recent experiences with and without electronic court tools, and its impacts on the probate community during COVID-19.


  • Years of Judicial Service: 10
  • Years Using aiSMARTBENCH: 1

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Mentis Technology Announces Partnership with ImageSoft

Collaboration to improve comprehensive technology solutions for courts

DENVER, CO, February 22, 2017 – Mentis Technology, maker of aiSMARTBENCH® today announced it has entered into a partnership with ImageSoft, Inc., provider of the JusticeTech® suite of solutions for a paperless court

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