aiCALENDAR Product Launch Event

Join Mentis Technology Solutions to learn about aiCALENDAR, a vital component in creating the Connected Court. 

Online Event
Wednesday, Aug 26 at 1pm EDT

Unprecedented times have forced courts to re-examine the value of virtual courtrooms. Courts are realizing that a connected court is more than just an online court session — it’s also about connecting the court calendar to those who need it. Judges need quick, easy access to their cases straight from their calendars. Attorneys and litigants need a way to find available hearings, schedule their cases efficiently based on established guidelines and verify their next court date. Being able to launch the virtual session right in the calendar is incredibly useful. 

Join us on August 26 to see aiCALENDAR and how it makes the connected court possible.


Serving Citizens in Today’s Customer-Centric World

aiINDEX Brings Intelligent Automation to Governments

In our connected, customer-centric world, consumers have come to expect that their needs will be met quickly and agreeably — especially in areas, where HelloFresh™ delivers your groceries,® provides same-day delivery, and Uber and Lyft compete to have a car to your door in minutes.

Local governments, however, have too often provided a different experience: forms that have to be printed and mailed; payments taken only by cash or check; appointments that have to be conducted in person and in offices open only from 9 AM to 5 PM.

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One day. 150 people.

This local TV news clip captured the behind-the-scene efficiencies of aiSMARTBENCH which enabled Escambia County judge Jennifer Frydrychowitz and the Escambia Clerk’s Office to expedite the processing of people who had suspended driver’s licenses to obtained reissued licenses. These aiSmartBench efficiencies not only fast-tracked a group of under-served constituents of the county but, in some instances, led to hugs for the judge, promoting goodwill across the board.

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Judicial Tools–The Journey and the Future

Recap of CTC 2017 Special Presentation
Salt Lake City
Wednesday, Sept 13  2:00-3:15p

Presented by Dan Wallis, McHenry County, IL and Ben Martin, Mentis Technology

What’s involved in getting judges to “Go-Live” with Judicial Tools and what can judges expect to see in the future from their “best-of-breed” judicial tools?

Dan Wallis, Trial Court Administrator for the Twenty Second Judicial Circuit of McHenry County, Illinois, begins this session by highlighting his takeaways from the journey to “Going-Live” with aiSmartBench. Ben Martin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mentis Technology Solutions will give previews into where “best-of-breed” judicial tools are headed into the future with their expanded range of features and benefits.

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Unifying the Judiciary

aiSMARTBENCH‘s multi-jurisdictional environment capability enables judges and administrators who serve a circuit or judicial district with multiple jurisdictions to work from a single log-in that connects to all of their independent jurisdictions.

Judges Leverage Full-Text Search

With mandatory efiling becoming the new norm in states like Texas and Florida, and with some sort of efiling occurring in all fifty states, it is now falling on the judiciary to figure out how to leverage the electronic case file both in and out of the courtroom. Not only has it resulted in an enormous cost savings for the clerk and court operations, but judges and staff can work smarter and more efficiently, as long as the tools can stand up to the “electronic” tasks.