Yolo County’s Anniversary with aiSMARTBENCH

Happy Anniversary – Yolo County Marks One Year Live with aiSMARTBENCH 

Yolo County Superior Court in Northern California handles a heavy caseload of criminal, civil and business matters across 12 court settings. Judges are becoming accustomed to changes in technology. In just a few short years, the evolution of the courtroom and judge chambers has cycled through manual typewriters, electric typewriters, word processors, and personal computers with word processing programs. Copiers that went from having wet paper on a roll to dry single sheets are now mostly obsolete – replaced by ink and laser jet printers. And courtroom dictation/reporting equipment went from belt-driven machines to hand­-held electronic recorders to hands­-free digital devices. As technology changes, judges and court administrators must decide when it makes sense for them to adapt to the changing times.

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Podcast: Connecting the Court

The National Association for Court Management’s (NACM) annual conference is one of the most anticipated events each year for the justice community…and this year, we have an all-star team on stage discussing court technology. Listen in on this lively conversation between Brad Smith, ImageSoft’s senior justice consultant; Ben Martin of Mentis Technology Solutions; and Dan Willis, Trial Court Administrator for McHenry County in Illinois, as they debate how to best integrate technology in the court system.

Serving Citizens in Today’s Customer-Centric World

aiINDEX Brings Intelligent Automation to Governments

In our connected, customer-centric world, consumers have come to expect that their needs will be met quickly and agreeably — especially in areas, where HelloFresh™ delivers your groceries, Amazon.com® provides same-day delivery, and Uber and Lyft compete to have a car to your door in minutes.

Local governments, however, have too often provided a different experience: forms that have to be printed and mailed; payments taken only by cash or check; appointments that have to be conducted in person and in offices open only from 9 AM to 5 PM.

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